The Warrior on My Wall

5 Sep

The Warrior on My Wall is still guarding me fiercely and I am still praising God for Him. I wanted to repost this March 8th entry written from Blodgett hospital because Brett’s tenaciousness has not waned nor has his wound healed. So during my hospital stay and now my recouping at home, God has again assigned this Warrior to a new spot on the battlefield. He has been given a new sight line and the scope of his work has been increased. Yep, my Nehemiah Man, when he isn’t busy penning love letters on purple post-it notes, is still fighting the good fight. And oh, how I love him.


I arrived at the hospital thmeandmylovefortyeightis morning a little after 8 a.m. and was greeted with, “Good morning Gorgeous” before my man had even seen my face.  It was the same voice I heard say to me yesterday when I entered his room, “I love that I recognize that purposeful stride coming down the hall.”  Isn’t he amazing?  With all that he is going through (I typed “walking through” first but then thought better of it–LOL) he still notices me.

If anyone were to have a justification for being self-absorbed it might be Brett.  He has been through much since his accident in 1993 but few things have been as trying as the last few months.  In late August he developed a large growth under his skin and it has spiraled downward from that point.  It moved from a hard mass to a large open surface wound and steadily…

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