Resolved to Involve

13 Mar

Today, the Biddinger Crew is off the Boulevard in wintry Michigan and enjoying the Sonshine as well as the sunshine, but one year ago today our surroundings were a little different. We had actually just cancelled our vacation and returned home after Brett did a week long stint at the hospital in Grand Rapids. It was in the aftermath of that health crisis, emergency admittance, and surgery that “Resolved to Involve” was originally posted. Believe it or not, the condition that landed Brett in the hospital is still present. He is still fighting the good fight and we are treating it as vigorously as we know how. God has shown us much in this past year and I pray Sister that if you’ve come along for the ride, your heart has been encouraged because as you’re about to read . . . we were never intended to do this life alone. Enjoy this look back and maybe even take a minute or two to let your heart ponder where you have journeyed — and who has journeyed with you — in the last 365 days. See you after vacation! (Click Here or View Original below)

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Today’s blog post will not be for the faint of heart nor the person with limited reading time.  The more I thought the more that poured out on the page so if you are not in the mood for some real transparency along with blood and guts honesty you might want to wait until the next entry.  You see I am kicking around the idea that I am believing the lie that if I appear to be anything other than self-sufficiently serene then I am less than the Christian woman I “should” be.  And when I kick around an idea for me, I usually take the liberty of kicking it around for you too. I’m quite certain that I am going to have a difficult time articulating what I have been pondering so I am praying that God will take my muddled thinking and turn it into something that really…

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