Passion Week . . . Maundy Thursday (Commandment Thursday: John 13:34-35)

2 Apr

Blog Post from April 17, 2014 — Maundy Thursday


The blog entries this week will be much different. This paragraph will be atop each one in explanation of what follows, but as always my prayers will be with you as you read.  However, other than that I will be silent and let the Scripture speak to you without any commentary to disturb your thoughts. Just you and the Holy Spirit without any distractions.  So if I’m not planning to do any chatting, what will I be doing?  Well, I hope I will be helping you drink in all of Passion Week as I help myself do the same.  Quite often with the parables, I take the accounts offered in each of the Gospels and bring all the details together so I can see the whole thing unfold a little more clearly.  I love doing it and it has taught me much.  This week, beginning with the Anointing at Bethany and finishing…

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2 Responses to “Passion Week . . . Maundy Thursday (Commandment Thursday: John 13:34-35)”

  1. Debbie M. April 2, 2015 at 8:32 am #

    There is so much power in the Word of God! It does stand alone without need of our additions. Nonetheless, I think it pleases God when we can add the “!” to His word through our faith and our lives. 🙂

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