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Merry Christmas!

25 Dec


Christmas Day comes once each year,

The bells ring joy so loud and clear.

Rejoice and praise with godly fear,

Come celebrate, Love has appeared!

creation swap 22155_Christmas_Bells

Marvel at our Savior’s birth,

The Light has dawned upon the earth.

Join your voices, sing with mirth

Wonder at His matchless worth!

Revel in that Grace filled day,

Christ descended to obey,

Raise your hearts and kneel to pray,

Our Jesus came to make the way!

creation swap 22155_Christmas_Bells

The Author of Salvation’s plan,

Fulfilled the holy, high command,

Born a Baby, died a Man

Bow your heart and lift your hand!

Yes, trumpet praise and fan to flame,

The Spirit’s Fire and Holy Fame,

Christmas Day, give wide acclaim

Shout His glory, Laud His Name!

–Marilyn Biddinger

creation swap JOY 3763_Christmas_1_of_2_(REVISED) ribbet


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