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Dream Big

16 Dec

Sweet Sisters in the Faith,

I found myself challenged afresh this morning to define my dreams and so, I pass the challenge along to you. The challenge to open your heart and ask God what wild, holy, ambitious dreams He would have you ponder. To look into His Word and find His meaning of big as He desires to have it unfold in your life. And to continue to be present in the challenge of dreaming in Him daily.

Never cease to ask Him what sweet tastes of glory He has in the palm of His nail-scarred hand and the center of His heart specifically for you. Never shy back from pressing close to see the glory behind the veil. Continually ask Him to show you all you can take of Himself and astound you with beauty of His enormity.

Let your holy dreams transform your soul and bring you life no matter your location, your emotion or your physical condition. Nothing this world has to offer will bring you contentment, peace and joy like a growing, thriving, stretching, reaching relationship with Jesus. Gaining Christ, leaning into Him, chasing after Him is the only thing that will satisfy your heart and fill your soul. The only thing that will bring healing from the heartside out.

Beautiful Daughter of Abraham, my prayer for us as we think on the challenge of dreaming big is that we will give God permission to define its shape and form so our own baggage ridden definition will not leave us feeling small. That we will meet with Him on the bank of the river of grace, embrace the warmth of His light and breathe in His heart for us knowing that He is the Giver of all good gifts.

And my dream is that our dreams will bring us to a place of unity in our love of the Messiah, our awe of the Father and our wonder of the Spirit. That our ponderings will lead us to see one another with our hearts and we will reach across our comfort zones to encourage and to spur one another on. My dream is that as sojourners in the faith we would believe God to be for and not against us, that we would look to Him for our worth leaving comparison and competition behind and division would have no foothold in our midst. And from that place of linked arms and connected hearts, armed with big, ambitious, holy dreams . . . we would change our world.

These are the dreams of this daughter of the King.

Tell me Child of God, what are yours?

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