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Reality: the state of things as they actually exist . . .

24 Apr

creation swap reality chalkboard 26493_Chalkboard

Christ dwelled here on earth as a part of God’s plan

To save and to rescue the sinner I am

He offered Himself, the Lamb made the way

His Blood flows eternal, He still saves today

The life He lived for me was brought to an end

But the Tomb could not hold Him and He lives again!

creation swap rescued chalkboard 26493_Chalkboard 1Yes, the Lamb of Perfection descended in love

The cup of redemption was filled with His blood

My Kinsman-Redeemer was hung on the Tree

He gave His Life freely as ransom for me

But the Tomb could not hold Him, the stone rolled away,

My Rock, My Strong Fortress is living today!

creation swap ransomed chalkboard 26493_Chalkboard

Christ became sin and then conquered the grave

He said, “My sweet child, you’re no longer a slave!”

He purchased me back, Oh, God’s Christ came for me

I’m filled with the Spirit, forgiven and free

For the Tomb could not hold Him, death where is your sting?

The Messiah has risen and reigns as the King!

creation swap redeemed chalkboard 26493_Chalkboard

Reality:  the state of things as they actually exist

Marilyn Biddinger


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